’m President of A.R. Consulting, which provides a variety of advisory services to Toronto-area condominium boards of directors. My twenty year career with a large condominium management company, most recently as Vice President, included client liaison and counselling, legislative advice, financial reporting, creation of maintenance specifications, building inspections, and editing of newsletters and other communications materials. I pioneered many of the techniques and procedures still in use in today’s condominium management process.

Currently, through A.R. Consulting, I assist condominiums in improving their own management, or in changing their management for the better. I counsel board members on understanding the management routine, assist in selecting new management if the current service is inadequate and can’t be salvaged, conduct candidate interviews, establish criteria of performance assessment, lead the interview process, assist in contract negotiations, and appraise the performance of the replacement management service.

I’m also an experienced and accomplished chairperson, having assisted condominium corporations conduct their business in an effective and orderly fashion at hundreds of General and Special Meetings, over a period of many years.

I’m the former Executive Director of the Condominium Dispute Resolution Centre, a past President of the Canadian Condominium Institute, a frequent speaker at the Condominium Conference, a contributor to condominium-related publications and was a Board member in my own condominium residence for twenty years.


ondo Board members face the world's toughest shareholders - their neighbours. Until the condo management industry truly understands this and all that it implies, it will be difficult to achieve industry-wide improvement in service levels.

My bullet-proof formula: (a) the management company gives the Board advice; (b) the Board makes decisions based on that advice, and other appropriate criteria; (c) the management company carries out the decisions made by the Board; (d) the Board, as the executive body responsible to the condominium corporation, monitors the management company's execution of the Board's decisions.

If all this happened the way it's supposed to, you wouldn't need me.

Mandatory Minimum: Management must support the Board of Directors.

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