et’s say your Board is unhappy with current management, in spite of months or even years of attempts to get them to improve their service.


  • There are over 200 organizations in the GTA claiming to be “condominium management companies.” Whom to choose: a daunting task for a condominium Board of Directors.

    Just so you know, half of these companies shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near condominiums. Let me stress: shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near condominiums. Of the remaining 100 or so, perhaps 30 are any good at all. Of those 30, there are maybe 10 that qualify for my “long list.”


  • How to start?
  • Management company references: what questions do you ask of these references?
  • Who inspects the properties managed by these companies?
  • How do you sort through their glossy promo materials?
  • Who’s got time for this?
  • How do you narrow down the candidates to a “short list” for interviewing?
  • What questions do you ask at the interviews?
  • How do you decide who’s best qualified to manage your condo corporation?
  • Who designs the management contract? What safeguards will protect your condo corporation?


  • Who’ll watch over the transition from the old management to the new?
  • How do you monitor and assess the ongoing performance of the company you’ve chosen?
  • How do you know they’ll do what they’ve promised to do?
  • How will you know when to be hands-on/hands-off?

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