he Seven Major Aspects of Condominium Management: The Board is apprised of the appropriate management routine, segmented into such vital areas as site operations, finance, safety concerns, and so on. In this way, the Board is placed in the advantageous position of being able to work more effectively and productively with their condominium management.

Assessment: Once the Board members are more familiar with the routine, they’re in a stronger position to assess their actual situation: (a) is improvement needed in management? (b) can that improvement be attained with current management?

Proposal Assessment: The Board may have opted to consider alternate management. They will then want to see promotional packages (proposals). A. R. Consulting demonstrates how to best evaluate this written material, so that Board members are better positioned to compare candidates on an “apples to apples” basis.

References: A. R. Consulting checks references provided by the management candidates. A. R. checks references in a far more investigative and detailed way than is possible for the typical Board member. A.R. then reports in summary form to the Board. A consultative session is devoted exclusively to a discussion of the results of the reference-checking. (See also “Inspections” below.)

Inspections: A key element in the assessment of candidates is the inspection of properties under their management. A. R. Consulting performs these inspections, and reports to the Board in comprehensive summary fashion. This summary also includes the results of the above-noted reference-checking, and the consultative session covers the inspection process as well as the candidate references.

The Interview Process: Board members are given A. R. Consulting’s proposed interview questionnaire. They are then asked for their input, so that the form can be modified to accommodate each director’s concerns, and each condominium’s issues. The resulting comprehensive questionnaire is the basis for the interview format, again insuring that each management candidate is treated fairly and equally, and that relevant issues are addressed for the benefit of the Board members.

Summary: The Board members are now in a strong position to knowledgeably discuss the merits of all management candidates. They’re assisted by A. R.’s written summary, which evaluates the interview sessions, as well as any other relevant information of interest to the Board.

Contracts: Once the successful candidate is selected, the Board members are instructed in the subtleties of management agreement negotiations. While they are made familiar with the important “do’s and don’ts” of appropriate formats, they’re also shown that the most effective agreement, by far, is the one that’s fair to both sides. They learn that a contract whose terms are so demanding as to be unachievable is a recipe for failure.

Transition: A. R. Consulting continues to mentor the Board during the first two months of the newly appointed manager’s engagement. This assists in the orderly turnover of documentation and responsibilities, because the Board members are now knowledgeable enough to monitor their situation constructively.

A. R. Consulting can proudly refer you to countless Board members who have expressed gratitude for this learning process, which has been applied at several of Toronto’s finest condominium addresses for many years.

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