By Alan Rosenberg
A.R. Consulting

iven the shortage of qualified property managers, there is concern about the levels of condominium management service being provided out there. What’s required is an assessment of the corporation’s needs, and an arm’s-length appraisal of the various management companies’ services available to address those needs.

We have to help directors understand what's really involved in condominium administration, and therefore, condominium management. (Not every director truly knows what to expect from a management service, even in this day and age.)

I see seven major facets of the condominium routine. Their order of priority varies from one community to another, and there could be sub-categories within many if not all of these facets, which are:

  • Accountability:
    • Management serves the Board, not the other way around. Management must exude credibility and trustworthiness. Internal controls must be beyond reproach.
  • Cost-Savings:
    • Bulk-buying capabilities are a must, as is knowing how to maximize efficiencies.
  • Communications:
    • Keep the Board informed. Help them communicate with the residents.
  • Site Operations:
    • Don’t just let the trades through the front door: watch and appraise what they do. Inspection routines: a tool for active management, not just a stroll through the community. Most of all, anticipate, don't just react!
  • Safety:
    • 24-hour emergency service, fire safety, access control, WHMIS, inspections, awareness.
  • Financial/Admin:
    • Timely, accurate financial statements, register updates, status certificates, paper flow.
  • Condo Expertise & In-House Resources:
    • Support for the site manager. Expertise, or at least reliable, resource-driven knowledge.
      Comfort level vis-à-vis the Act and other typical condo documentation.

In a perfect world, condominium boards would not be having any problems getting their sites managed properly, and they’d all be aware of what they’re entitled to from their management source. Failing that, it’s most appropriate that they receive the kind of counselling that helps them best administer their community.

Prepared by
A. R. Consulting

Alan Rosenberg

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